Secret Garden Party has a theme every year, this year was sci-fi inspired by the universe of Arthur C. Clarke and Asimov.
The animation has two parts, intro and loop. They were played between acts, and the loop is the content that informs the "gardeners" (the audience) about the upcoming artists.

It was played on a 5 screen LED installation, that is why we had to work with a wide aspect ratio. The original piece was delivered without any sound or music. I added the sound design as an extra, so it stands as a full artwork.

I used models from the 2001 space odyssey website: and repurposed them for our needs.

Thank you for the models: Michael Powell (Space Station V), John Whitesel (the famous sci-fi chairs)
Special thanks to Mark Dowman and his generous contribution to the creative community through his website (,

I used c4d and octane, composited in After Effects. For the sound design, I used Cubase.

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