I am a Motion Graphic Designer and digital artist applying my artistic and technical skills to produce visually compelling graphics and animation for a wide variety of mediums such as television, video, Installations - DOOH, games, social media and websites.
I have a deep understanding of design principles, colour theory, and visual storytelling. I am passionate about creating visually stunning content that captures the attention of the audience and effectively communicates the intended message.​​​​​​​
I am proficient with C4D, After Effects and the Creative Cloud package. I comfortably move between application to get best results. I additionally use and have a deep understanding of Davinci Resolve, Quixel Package, Xparticles, Marvelous Designer. I like to build custom controllers in xpresso and generally interested in node based programming languages such as Max4Live. 
My render engine repertories covers C4D native engine, RedShift, Octane, Vray and Arnold when needed. For sound design and music production I use Ableton.
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